Monday, 20 February 2012

how to invisible your drive?

If you have personal data in one partition of harddisk and you have to protect it from others. Is it possible to Hide the whole partition of our hard disk???
Yes it is possible with one trick in windows. It is simple one command from which you can hide your hard disk partitions .
Follow the steps:open your START menu and go to RUN.
  1. Type "diskpart" in RUN
  2. After this a command window will open
  3. Then type "list volume" in that command window you will get all the content of your hard disk

Now i want to hide the partition Patel's of my computer 

4. Now type "select volume < volume number>"( volume number is shown in the first column in left side)

5. now type "remove letter <volume letter>" ( volume letter is shown in second column)

Now your my partition of hard disk named Patel's hidden
For getting back the hidden partition do the following procedure:
  1. Follow the 1 to 4 steps as it is
  2. in the fourth step replace “remove” with “assign"
now you will get your partition back.
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