Sunday, 19 February 2012


         Android is made by google. its the new kid on the block but its outselling every other mobile os out there including ios and symbian. it is mainly touch driven and has regular updates. its open source and so has the fastest growing app store. by the end of this year android will be similar to microsoft windows in its dominance of the smartphone sector. if you want all the latest apps, full flash and all the other benefits of going with a market leader you should go with android.

        Symbian os is made by nokia. it is an old os which had been slow to change since the days of pre touch screen phones. its latest version does incorporate touch but nokia had been slow to keep pace with the revolution the iphone bought and google is accelerating. its a proprietary os and is only available on nokia phones which is a shame because nokias phones are not as tasty as those made by other phone manufacturers such as samsung htc lg and motorola. symbian has a history of great software, however android is catching up and may have already overtaken nokia in this department too.

both os are god but all the momentum seems to be with android.


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