Thursday, 27 December 2012


microsoft surface tablet price
              Hello friends after successful post on 3d printer osWorld is now going to post about microsoft's new tablet surface.In this article I will share review and price of this new tablet.Here is the brief report about microsoft surface.
              Microsoft's Surface--the company's first in-house Windows 8 computer, or tablet, or whatever it is, goes up for pre-order today. This is a gadget you should care about! It's designed to be a do-everything device--you can use it like a tablet, with superfast touch gestures and apps and stuff, or like a computer, with a keyboard and a full web browser and Flash and Microsoft Office and stuff. It's also startlingly beautiful; Microsoft is much better at making hardware than most people realize, but this is their crowning achievement. (Our friend Sam Biddle at Gizmodo gushed over it.) It looks awesome.
            The base model is $500 for 32GB of storage--twice, Microsoft is eager to say, the amount of storage as the equivalent cheapest iPad. But, you almost certainly don't want that one, which makes it a weird item to boast about. What you want is the next one up, which throws in the Touch Cover for another $100. (There's also a 64GB + Touch Cover version, for $700.
             The Touch Cover might be Microsoft's best weapon; it looks sort of like the iPad's Smart Cover (a little cloth-covered metallic flap that sticks onto the tablet with magnets) except it has a keyboard in it. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but is. Everyone who's used it is very impressed with it--Matt Buchanan at Buzzfeed FWD called it "kind of a magical little piece of technology." It senses your fingers without the need for force feedback, meaning it can tell when you're typing and when you're just resting your hands on the keyboard. Typing on an iPad is adequate at best--this might be great. It'll cost $130 extra if you opt not to buy it or want fancy colors.


new 3d printing technology in 2013
           Hello friends After successful post on android osWorld is going to post about new upcoming technology which will appear in 2013.Yes i am  talking about 3d printing. Here is the brief report about this new latest technology.
            Okay, so 3D printing is something that is already possible, but those printers are currently commercial-only solutions with the absolute cheapest coming in at a little over $10,000.
In late 2013, we can expect the technology to significantly drop in price to the point where it will enter the consumer market.
            So how does it work? The material is gradually deposited through a controlled nozzle, layer by layer, building up to a fully formed product, made of plastic or metal. Imagine being able to draw a case for your phone in Photoshop then printing out!Don't forget to share with your friends...


Wednesday, 26 December 2012


multitouch monitor with scanner and printer
multitouch monitor with scanner and printer
            Hello friends after a successful post on java osWorld is now going to post about new latest technologies which will come in future.I found one brief report on Multi-touch monitor with scanner and printer.Here is the brief description about  report.       
multitouch monitor with scanner and printer
multitouch monitor with scanner and printer

             Having a computer plus a printer and a scanner, a workspace much space. While there are multifunction printers that save some space, we can still improve a little more. Or so he thinks Byeong Min Choe, designer of the “Document Extractor”, a concept of monitor.
The grace of the Document Extractor is that it is multi-touch and also has a built-in printer and a scanner. For example, viewing a document, you need to print. To print and send it leaves the screen. If you need to print a photo, you can cut it with the multi-touch panel and print it on the same monitor.
            The slot where they exit the insert also serves to impress sheets or photos you’d like scanner. As does the process, the images are up on the screen.
So far, the Document Extractor does not pass beyond the concept although it has generated much interest. It certainly looks like a very interesting product; hope so that someday can be sold. Designer: Byeong Min Choe


digital tool for handwritting
               After a Long time osWorld is come back with latest new emerging  technologies.In this article i am going to discuss about digital tool which help us for handwriting.Here is the brief report that i found on the internet about this tool.               
digital tool for handwritting
               Just write a letter to an ordinary pen, but do not type it on your computer keyboard! Is sometimes you do not want? Such an opportunity is! ‘Handwriting’, a digital tool fashioned, this a pen that replicates this long forgotten art! Photoelectric sensors on the tip record your messages and transfer to your chat-friends via the Internet. Your friend’s chat appears on the side screen of the pen. Friends online and available for tete a tete are indicated via flashy lights. Very interesting and tempting!
digital tool for handwritting

                 So friends don't forget to share this new emerging technology with your friends.have a nice day...

Sunday, 23 December 2012


android logo
android logo
android logo
android logo
android logo

Sunday, 16 December 2012


    Hello friends today i am going to post about pass parameters from jsp to servlet.For pass a parameters we must have to follow the bellow code.

jsp code:
        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8">
        <title>JSP Page</title>
        <script language="javascript">
        <form action="jdbcservlet" method="post">    
            <label>first name</label>&nbsp;<input type="text" name="first"><br>
            <label>last name</label>&nbsp;<input type="text" name="last"><br>
            <label>mobile no</label>&nbsp;<input type="text" name="mob_no"><br>
            <input type="submit" value="submit">
               <input type="reset" value="reset">
servlet code:
public class jdbcservlet extends HttpServlet {

      protected void processRequest(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
            throws ServletException, IOException {
        PrintWriter out = response.getWriter();
         String f_name,l_name,m_no;
        f_name=request.getParameter("first name");
        l_name=request.getParameter("last name");
        out.println("first name is: "+f_name);
       out.println("last name is: "+l_name);
       out.println("mobile no is: "+m_no);
 protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
            throws ServletException, IOException {
        processRequest(request, response);
protected void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
            throws ServletException, IOException {
        processRequest(request, response);

    By using this code you are able to pass the parameters from jsp to servlet.Here for that we have used action property in form tag which shows where to transfer the control after click the submit type button.And method shows the by which method parameters will pass.get and post these two methods are available.
     If you face any problem in implementation in this code then mention in comment and feel free to ask any question related to java.Have a nice day....

Wednesday, 5 December 2012


        Hello friends after a long time osWorld is come back with some java concepts.Today i am going to tell you about swing and also explain basic difference between swing and abstract window toolkit(awt).
        Swing is fully featured user interface development kit for java applications.It is foundation of sun's java classes(jfc).It provides rich components of gui.It provides list control,table control,tree controls,buttons,and labels and also some another features.Java swing is also referred as java GUI(Graphical user Interface) Widget toolkit.Now let us see basic difference between java swing and awt(abstract window toolkit)


              -It uses peer components of operating system
              -It is platform dependent thus as per operating system it looks differ.
              -It is heavy weight component 
              -It not provides pluggable look and feel
              -we must have to write a code for awt

               -Swing is platform independent Thus display management is same in different perating       
               -It is lightweight component
               -It provides pluggable look and feel.
        So friends this is basic concepts of Swing and Awt.for more concepts and practical examples of java stay in touch.If you have any quqry then mention in comments.Have a nice day.....
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