Saturday, 28 July 2012


cloud computing
          Hello friends after successful post on networking osWorld is now goin to post on cloud computing.let me know you that future of cloud computing is very bright because more and more companies are going on concept of cloud computing but engineers of cloud computing are not much so friends future of cloud computing is very bright as per my this article i am going to teach you basic concepts of cloud computing like what is cloud computing?,basic clouds of cloud computing,defination of cloud computing.
           cloud computing is general term that hosted services provided on internet is called the cloud computing.a cloud can be a public or private.a public cloud is sells the services to the any one on internet currently amazon has the biggest public cloud.private cloud is sells the services to the limited number of people on will secure.
           there are more two clouds are available except public cloud and private cloud which are hybrid cloud and community cloud.this cloud is combination of public cloud and private cloud so it is known as hybrid cloud another is community cloud which is used to share a cloud of same community. for example suppose a goverment company is share a cloud to all goverment company but non goverment company can not share this cloud that's why this type of cloud are known as community cloud.
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Thursday, 19 July 2012


inter connected device
               Hello friends after successful post on basic topologies osWorld is now going to post on inter connected networking interconnected devices are commonly used.there are four types of interconnected devices hub,switch,router and bridge.we know that we can connect two pc via lan cable easily. but if we want o connect more then one pc then we must have to use different topologies which is discussed in previous article.but there must be require interconnected device like hub or we get back to the point and let us talk about four basic interconnected device.


                 hub is simply broadcast the message they do not know about the receiver.suppose there are 10 pc connected to hub.from the left hand side no 1 pc wants to send the message to the pc number 9 which is right side of the hub.then hub receive the message from pc number 1 and broadcast the message in all over network.this message is received by the pc who really wants that this case receiver has to check that message is for it or not. 



                switch is same as hub in structure.but the difference between switch and hub is that switch do not broadcast the message in the network.suppose in previous example we use switch instead of hub then switch receives the message from pc number 1 and sends that message to the pc number of 10 instead of broadcasting the message.



               Routers are very common today in every network area, this is mainly because every network these days connect to some other network, whether it's the Internet or some other remote site. Routers get their name from what they do.... which is route data from one network to another.
For example, if you had a company which had an office in Sydney and another one in Melbourne, then to connect the two you would use a leased line to which you would connect a router at each end. Any traffic which needs to travel from one site to another will be routed via the routers, while all the other unnecessary traffic is filtered (blocked), thus saving you valuable bandwidth and money.
There are two types of routers: 1) Hardware routers 2) Software routers. 


                 bridge is same as switch but only one difference is there between switches and bridges is that bridge can reform the signal.this functionality is not provided by switch.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


              Hello friends after successful post on android osworld is now going to post about means connection of 2 or more devices using switch,hub,or router.switch,hub and rourter are called interconnected i will talk about 4 basic topologies which are used in networking.folloing are the basic four topologies.

      1:-mesh topology
      2:-star topology
      3:-ring topology
      4:-bus topology

1:-mesh topology

                              in this topology every device is connected to remaining all devices in the network.we can say every devices in the network are directly connected to each other.main advantage of mesh topology is if any connected link is fail then also whole network is in active state.

2:-star topology


        in star topology every devices are connected to hub.they can communicate via star topology there are multipoint connection between devices and point to point connection between device and hub.easy to reconfigure and isolation.

3:-ring topology

                           in ring topology every devices connected via repeater.there are point to point connection between every ring topology we can communicate in unidirecation only.if any device is fail we can say whole network is death.repeater is used for regenerate the origenal signal.


4:-bus topology

                           in bus topology there is one backbone line and n drop lines every device is connected to backbon using tapes via drop bus topology there is multipoint connection between all devices.becauseof that multi point connection not easy to isolation in bus topology.

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