Saturday, 28 July 2012


cloud computing
          Hello friends after successful post on networking osWorld is now goin to post on cloud computing.let me know you that future of cloud computing is very bright because more and more companies are going on concept of cloud computing but engineers of cloud computing are not much so friends future of cloud computing is very bright as per my this article i am going to teach you basic concepts of cloud computing like what is cloud computing?,basic clouds of cloud computing,defination of cloud computing.
           cloud computing is general term that hosted services provided on internet is called the cloud computing.a cloud can be a public or private.a public cloud is sells the services to the any one on internet currently amazon has the biggest public cloud.private cloud is sells the services to the limited number of people on will secure.
           there are more two clouds are available except public cloud and private cloud which are hybrid cloud and community cloud.this cloud is combination of public cloud and private cloud so it is known as hybrid cloud another is community cloud which is used to share a cloud of same community. for example suppose a goverment company is share a cloud to all goverment company but non goverment company can not share this cloud that's why this type of cloud are known as community cloud.
            so friends in this article i tried my best to teach you basic concepts of cloud computing.i hope you people like this article.if you like then share it to your friends on social networking sites.


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