Tuesday, 29 January 2013


android key lime pie
    As all expecting Android 5.0 key lime pie will be release in march or april month of 2013.Here in this Article I will tell you some possible featuers of android key lime pie which are better then jelly bean.
Better back-up
In many developing markets, battery back-up is the first thing mobile buyers look for. As processor capacity and speeds are multiplying manifold, a better back-up should ideally be high on priority for the manufacturer.
Social media
Rather than promoting only its own social network, Google+, it would be interesting if Google were to put together other popular social media, be it Facebook or Twitter, under one icon, upon Key Lime Pie release. We can't rule out that it is unlikely.

Video chat app
Google might utilize its in-house software expertise to offer an exclusive video chat application, something improvized from its Google Talk and Hangout, on its devices.
key lime pie android features

Built for quadcore
Most of the recent smartphones are running the very efficient quadcore processors, which can multitask the best. So, expect Android 5.0 to be built for it.
Voice assistant
If Google has to take the fight to Apple iOS in the real sense, a superior voice assistant is a prerequisite. And, even better if it irons out the flaws encountered by Siri users and makes Google Now more efficient than just throwing up multiple search results, help locate addresses and make calls.
Improved photo effects
With in-built camera capabilities are increasing by the day, here's hoping Google would leave no stone unturned to better its photo editing tools and with that, other camera features. It would be a bonus, if real-time facial recognition is enabled for images and videos.
   So friends these are expecting features of android 5.0 key lime pie.If you got some news about key lime pie then share it to people in comments.


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