Friday, 2 March 2012

Introduction to computer networking


A network is a group of computers and other devices, such as printers and modems, connected to each other. This enables the computers to effectively share data and resources.
The concept of sharing resources over a network is called networking. The computers in a network can share data, messages, graphics, printers, fax machines, modems, and other hardware and software resources.

Network elements

  • Servers

Servers are the computers that provide the shared resources to network users. There is usually only one server in a small network, but bigger networks may have more than one server.
  • Clients

Clients are the computers that can access the shared network resources provided by a server.

  • Media

The computers in a network are connected to each other by hardware components, such as cables. These components are called the media.
  • Shared data

A server provides shared resources and data over a network. The files that are provided by the server over the network are called shared data. This shared data can be a document, a worksheet or a folder.
  • Resources

Files, printers or other items that can be used by network users are known as resources. These resources can be either hardware or software resources.



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