Friday, 2 March 2012

diadvantages of computer networking

  • Expensive to Install

Although a network will generally save money over time, the initial costs of installation can be prohibitive. Cables, network cards, and software are expensive, and the installation may require the services of a technician.
  • Data Security

If a network is implemented properly, it is possible to greatly improve the security of important data. In contrast, a poorly secured network puts critical data at risk, exposing it to the potential problems associated with hackers, unauthorized access.
  • Cables May Break

One broken cable can stop the entire network.
  • File Server May Fail

Although a file server is no more susceptible to failure than any other computer, when the files server "goes down," the entire network may come to a halt. When this happens, the entire hospital may lose access to necessary programs and files.
  • Virus Infections

If any computer system in a network gets affected by computer virus , there is a possible threat of other systems getting affected too. Viruses get spread on a network easily because of the interconnectivity of workstations. Such spread can be dangerous if the computers have important database which can get corrupted by the virus.

To overcome Network Disadvantages

  • Security issues and Virus Infections issues

The increase in businesses connecting their systems and using the Internet has its drawbacks. When all computers are networked, one user's problems may affect everyone. You should consider the greater potential for data loss, security breaches and viruses when creating a network.
It is important to ensure data security through regular backing up the files, password routines, and system logs. It is important to remove access from employees who leave, otherwise they may still be able to access customer records.
As your data will be stored in one location on the server, physical security is very important. You should improve the quality of your system security to protect your business from potential virus attacks and hacking. This should include anti virus software and a firewall or software barrier.
If your staffs need to access the network while off-site, consider a virtual private network. This creates a secure link and protects information sent and received.

  • File Server Fail down issues

For this we can have backup fail server. When the files server "goes down," then we can use the backup fail server. Having backup server we can overcome this problem.



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